Walter J Corbett Trophy
The Walter J Corbett Grand Slam Invitational
miniature golf tourney
WJCI Champions
Sure Shot Winners
Mixed Doubles Winners

  • Maximum score for any single hole is five (5)
  • Balls and putters not provided by the respective courses are prohibited
  • Balls coming to rest out of bounds or in a hazard may be lifted with a one stroke penalty
  • Balls may be moved seven (7) inches from a rail or hazard
  • Ties for the WJCI Champion at the end of 72 holes shall be broken by a sudden death play-off starting at the first hole of Hago Harrington's
  • Signed scorecards must be returned to the Commissioner at the conclusion of play
WJCI Championlowest score over 72 holes
  • ownership of the WJC Cup for one year
  • place on the Champions plaque
  • annual invitation to the Champion's dinner
  • massive bragging rights for one year
Major Winnerlowest score at single course
  • a decent bottle of wine
  • decent bragging rights
Sure Shotmost holes-in-one over 72 holes
  • a somewhat better bottle of wine
  • marginal bragging rights
Mixed Doubles Winnerlowest combined score for any two players who are sleeping together on a regular basis
  • a genuinely good bottle of wine
  • that wonderful of accomplishing something together (aw!)
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