2006 WJC Invitational photos:

Butler, Bonney, Olenn, Gould

Shellenberger, Anastasi, Hattori, Elder

Wachs, Russell and Giarocco sisters

Urlich, the Commissioner & Ritcey

Lema, Teixeria, Servius

the Director

Levin, Houlihan, Toland and the Costello sisters

Ace in the 'hole'!

Calm down, there's no one behind you, Adam.

. . . .off of a trail hitch.

As always, a family friendly affair

the U/W brain trust

JJ lasers in. . .

Ace, but much too late.

a thoughtful Ben Ritcey

The leader group

a newcomer collects.



Jimmy Hattori wonders where it all went wrong. . .